2018 Commonwealth Cup Winners

Braxton Brewing Company - Barrel Aged Dark Charge Mole Stout

Gold Medals

Big Bend Brewing Co. - Transendence & National Park Hefeweizen
Boston Beer Co. - Tetravis & Smoked Lager
Boyne Brewhouse - Saison
Braxton Brewing Co. - Barrel Aged Dark Charge Mole & Summertrip
Church Street Brewing. - Magisterium Maibock, Bell Tower & Paint it Plaid
Dayton Beer Company. - Beast of Tadmor Village, Upright Smoked Lager, Midnight Dream
Hairless Hare - Imperial CRV, Barrel Aged Barley Wine, Barrel Aged Cold War
Milewide Brewing -  Motherboy
Monday Night Brewing - Bourbon Barrel Aged Situational Ethics, Bourbon Barrel Aged Tears of My Enemies, Beyond the Clouds, Maple Situational Ethics, Excolatur, Anti Meridium
O'Connor Brewing Co. - Heavy Footer & Shore Temple
Pisse De Gottes - Pezon
Upstate Brewing Co - X'PA
Zirci Apatsagi - Havaska & Buza

Silver Medals

Against the Grain Retitled Pilsner
Against The Grain London Balling
Big Bend Brewing Old Love
Big Bend Brewing Co Barrel Aged Marfa Light
Big Bend Brewing Co Tejas Clara
Big Bend Brewing Co Alpine White
Birkus Brewing Diving Elk
Boston Beer Co Stony Brook Red
Boston Beer Co Cherry Wheat
Boston Beer Co New England IPA
Boston Beer Co Rebel IPA
Boston Beer Co Utopias
Boston Beer Company Cold Snap
Braxton Brewing Deadplow
Braxton Brewing Cycle Coffee Stout
Braxton Brewing Co Bavarian
Braxton Brewing Co Jam Session
Carolina Bauerhouse Ales Vale of Jocassee
Church Street Pils
Church Street Brewing Holy Moly
Crooked Handle Wee Bit O Trouble
Crooked Handle Roadside Peanut Butter Porter
Darkness Brewing Man on the Moon
Darkness Brewing Hophead Nebula
DC Brau Brau Pils
DC Brau El Hefe Speaks
DC Brau TurboBoostMultiBall
DC Brau Doctor's Dubbed
DC Brau Pen Quarter Porter
Dundalk Brewing Co IPA
Fat Heads Starlight
Fat Heads Head Hunter
Flix Brewhouse Rubus Rosa
Flix Brewhouse Stuntman
Full Spectrum Black Night
Guri Sorfozde Delerium
Hairless Hare Bitter Hare
Hairless Hare 3 Quarter Porter
Hairless Hare Kings Reserve
Hairless Hare Kickback Kolsch
Hopfanatic Oat Cake Juice
Infamous Brewing Co Oktoberfest
Maiden City Bluegrass Blonde
Maiden City Brewing 268 Schwartz
Maiden City Brewing I Got Dibs
Mankato Brewery Hopbiscus
Milewide La Renarde
Milewide Brewing McPoyle Milk Stout
Monday Night Brewing Drafty Kilt
Monday Night Brewing Space Lettuce
Monday Night Brewing Beyond the Clouds
Monday Night Brewing Co Mischief Managed
Monday Night Brewing Co Scotch Barrel Aged Tears of My Enenmies
O'Connor Zephyrweisse
O'Connor Fond De La Mer
Paducah Beer Works The Dude
Pisse De Gottes La Roja De Avilla
Pisse De Gottes Ginger Lynn
Platform Beer Co Luchador
Platform Brewing Co Speed Merchant
Rhinegeist Hustle
Rhinegeist Hans
Rhinegeist Truth
River Rat 803 IPA
River Rat Hazelnut Brown Ale
Rothbeer Tavoli Galaxis
Salt Creek Cream Ale
Salt Creek Damn blonde
Salt Creek Von Bierbock
Salt Creek Caramel Wheat
Salt Creek Queen Annes Revenge
Synthesis Coco Republic
The Dayton Beer Company Lost Tunnel Deep Sea Diving
Zircia Apatsagi Zirci Levendulas

Bronze Medals

Bad Company Boston Tea Party
Bad Company Wild Gravity
Big Bend Brewing Co West of the Pecos
Big Bend Brewing Co Spontaneity
Bircus Lagoon
Boston Beer Co Irish Red
Boston Beer Co Boston Lager
Boston Beer Co Double Bock
Boston Beer Co Kosmic Mother Funk
Boston Beer Co Boston Ale
Boyne Brewhouse American Pale Ale
Boyne Brewhouse Session IPA
Boyne Brewhouse Irish Craft Lager
Boyne Brewhouse Irish Craft Pale Ale
Braxton Beer Co English Pale Ale
Braxton Beer Co Storm
Braxton Brewing Strawberry Gose
Braxton Brewing Barrel Aged Dark Charge
Braxton Brewing Co Ignitor
Carolina Bauerhouse Ales Whiskey Sour
Cervezarte Hortedd Sor 666 Blonde Ale
Church Street Brewing Brimstone
Crooked Haze Trinity Haze
Darkness Brewing Bellevue Common
DC Brau On the Wings of Armageddon
DC Brau Tuk Tuk
Devil Wind Brewing Heading East
Devil Wind Brewing Steel Cut Stout
Fat Heads Brewery Bumble Berry
First Craft Beer Double IPA
First Craft Beer Farmhouse White Ale
First Craft Beer IPA
First Craft Beer Pilsner
Flix Brewhouse Oasis
Full Spectrum I'm Ron Burgundy?
Full Spectrum Blues and Royals
Full Spectrum Das Kupfer Altbier
Hopfanatic Nohoplimit
Infamous Brewing Sweep the Leg
Jarfly Ballhoot Black IPA
Lock 27 Alpheaus
Lock 27 Mouth Breather
Lock 27 Waterway
Lock 27 Brewing Charlosta
Maiden City Brewing Duke of Mazzard
Mankato Brewery Kato
Mankato Brewery Mad Butcher
Mirror Twin Cowabunga Dude
Monday Night Brewing Han Brolo
Monday Night Brewing Bourbon Barrel Drafty Kilt
Monday Night Brewing Entente Cordiale
Monday Night Brewing Family Reunion
Monday Night Brewing Slap Fight
Monday Night Brewing Blood Orange Blind Pirate
Monday Night Brewing Co Dr. Robot
O'Connor ODIS
O'Connor Brewing Great Dismal
Old Bust Head Graffitti House
Old Bust Head Table Talk
Rhinegeist Squirrel
Rhinegeist Cougar
Rhinegeist Brewing Co INK
River Rat Twisted Lemon Wheat
Salt Creek Crawdaddy Porter
Synthesis Eastern Wolf
Upstate Brewing Co IPW
Upstate Brewing Co Common Sense
Wolf's Ridge Red Legacy
Wolf's Ridge Clear Sky
Wolf's Ridge Terre Du Sauvage Gold
Wooden Cask Newporter

2014 Dublin Craft Beer Cup Winner

Coisbo Beer - Four: Russian Imperial Stout

2014 Gold Medal Winners:
Blue Stallion Brewing Co. – Dopplebock
Brouwerji Liefde – Stoute Liefde
Galway Bay Brewery – Of Foam and Fury
Left Hand Brewing Co. – Milk Stout
MOA Brewing Company – MOA Noir
O’Hara’s – Double IPA
Oskar Blues Brewing – Old Chub Scotch Ale
Rascals Brewing Co. – Chocolate Ginger Porter
Rodenburg Brewery – Bronckhorster Hoptimist
Rodenburg Brewery – Bronchorster Nightporter
Thornbridge Brewery – Chiron

2017 Commonwealth Cup Winner

Monday Night Brewing - Tears of My Enemies

Monday Night Brewing is a brerwery out of Atlanta, Georgia that actually began through a small group of friends who were in a bible study together and thought "how can we get to know one another better?... Beer!" After years of tweaking recipes and coming up with tasty libations, they finally hit the market. In 2017 they won the Commonwealth Craft Beer Cup with a hefty Scoth Barrel Milk Stout "Tears of My Enemies." Tears of My Enemies is a dark, smoky taste of revenge takes over as it hits your lips, marching upon your tongue like an army towards certain victory. In addition to the smoke and locally-roasted Batdorf & Bronson coffee on the nose. This beer is roasty, chocolately, and, like the tears of your enemies, the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted. Check out thier website and more info here: https://mondaynightbrewing.com/beers/tears-of-my-enemies/

2017 Gold Medal Winners:
Against the Grain - London Balling
Braxton - Bourbon Barrel Aged Baltic Porter
Futohaz Sorfodze - M63 bulldog
Hairless Hare Brewing CO - Cold War Russian Stout
Hairless Hare - Rye the Hell Knot
Hop Top - Uluru
Kinnegar Brewing Co - Swingletree
Klein Duimpje - Blauwetram
Listermann/Triple Digit - German Black Forest Cake Aftermath
Listermann/Triple Digit - Belsnickel
Monday Night Brewing - Garage Club #3
Monday Night Brewing - Tears of my Enemies
O'Connor Bewing Co - Ibrik Aged in Bourbon Barrels
Platform Beer Co - Speed Merchant
River Rat: Moncks Corner
River Rat Brewing Co: Bohemian Pilsner
Southern Tier: 2X IPA
Sun King Brewing Co: WeeMac
Sun King Brewing Co: The Afterparty
Upland Brewing Co: Revive

2015 Commonwealth Cup Winners

The Dayton Brew Co. - Batch 100

Batch 100 from The Dayton Beer Company of Dayton, Ohio, is a Belgian-style ale filtered and tank conditioned and made with candy sugar. The judges noted its subtle malty sweetness, pleasant dry finish, high carbonation, and nice hop quality. The small brewery is headed by Pete Hilgeman, the groom getting married today. Brewery representative John Wiley travelled from Dayton, Ohio to accept the award.  The brewery won eight medals last year in the competition, and won another five this year. The brewery is “proud to be the first true microbrewery in the Dayton area in over 50 years and describes its beer as “hand-crafted with no automation in small batches.”

Gold Medal Winners:
Mad Tree Brewing - Happy Amber
Dayton Beer Company - Batch #100
Coisbo - Eleven
Klein Duimpje - Tulpenbok
Coisbo - Four
Bold Rock - Pear
Jackie O's Brewery - Bourbon Barrel Brick Kiln
Cerveca Cacri - Brown Porter
Braxton Brewing Co - Crank Shaft
Zips Brewhouse - Instead of Innocence
BReWdaPeST - Xmoke
Mad Tree Brewing - Citra High
Jackie O's Brewery - Dark Apparition
Mankato Brewery - Kato Beer
Legenda - 4 Sterne
Kinnegar - Black Bucket

2016 Commonwealth Cup Winner

Southern Tier - 2X SMASH

Most of us know Southern Tier, because most of us know how great thier beers are. Based out of Lakewood, NY, Southern Tier came up with a big win last year as the overall CHAMPS of the 2016 Commonwealth Craft Beer Cup. the winner? 2X SMASH! 2XSMASH is brewed with ONLY Mosaic hops and Special Pale malt. Even simplified to one variety of hop and one type of malt, it is amazing how complex the flavor is. Mosaic hops are known for their luxurious tropical citrus notes like passion fruit and work absolutely brilliantly with the richness of Special Pale malt. Check it out at thier website here: http://www.stbcbeer.com/beer/2xsmash-ipa/?age-verified=85b18e9f8c

2016 Gold Medal Winners:
Against the Grain - 35K
Brouwerij Klein Duimpje - Hillegomouse Hangkous
Cedar Creek Brewing Co. - Oat N' About
Dayton Beer Company - Oregon Alley IPA
DC Brau Brewing Co. - The Corruption
Highland Brewing Co. - IPA
Hopfanatic - White Hops
James E. Pepper - 1776
Listermann - Cincinnatus
Listermann - BA Chickow!
Madtree Brewing Co. - Galaxy High
Mankato Brewery - Kato Beer
Monday Night Brewing Co - Laissez Faire
O'Conner - Ironclad Ibrik
Pabst Brewing Company - PBR
Rhinegeist - Barrel Aged Gramps
Rhinegeist - Uncle
Rhinegeist - Double Oaked Mastadon
Salt Creek Brewery - Salt Creek Cream Ale
Samuel Adams - Utopias
Southern Tier - 2X SMASH
Southern Tier - Live
Taxman Brewing - Death & Taxes
Taxman Brewing - Exemption
Thirsty Dog Brewing - Whippet Wheat
Thirsty Dog Brewing - Raildog
Three Floyds - Zombie Dust
Tradesman Brewing Co. - Barrel Aged Elbow Grease
Upstate Brewing - Tap IPA
Valley Vineyards - Sweet Honey Mead
Wolf's Ridge - Daybreak
Wolf's Ridge - Buchenrach

2014 Commonwealth Cup Winner

Zip’s Brewhouse – Zip’s Christmas Ale

Zip’s Brewhouse, a tiny brewery from northeaster Hungary, brought home the first ever Commonwealth Craft Beer Cup.  Judged by a panel of independent certified judges, over 1,000 entrants were blindly judged on appearance, aroma, flavor, body, style, and quality and ranked Zip’s Christmas Ale best of the best.  45 bronze, 36 silver, and 6 gold medals were awarded to breweries from over 30 countries in the inaugural competition.  The 2015 Commonwealth Craft Beer Cup will take place in May 2015 with the winners to be announced on May 16th at the Alltech Craft Brews & Food Fest.

2014 Commonwealth Craft Beer Cup Gold Medal Winners

Boston Beer Company – Summer Ale
Boston Beer Company Roggen Wolf
Legenda Sorfozde Kft – Olaszhazi Bitumen
Mully’s Brewery – Shucker Stout
Stone Brewing Co. – Stone Go To IPA
Zip’s Brewhouse – Zip’s Christmas Ale