Crooked Handle Brewing Co.

City and State: 
Springboro, OH


Crooked Handle Brewing Company’s founder Jason Moore was introduced to brewing craft beer in 2008. The years following were filled with crafting recipes, brewing, and sharing his beers with family and friends. 


The passion of crafting exciting beers peaked the interest of two long time friends Jeff Pedro Jr. and Kurtis Stadsvold. The three friends spent weekends together brewing and experimenting with multiple styles of beers, while gaining an appreciation for the process and science involved.  

In 2012, Jason and Kurtis upgraded their home brewing equipment to two 1/2 BBL commercial pilot systems. The friends continued to brew every weekend until a flagship line of Crooked Handle brews were perfected.  Jason and Jeff, with the support of family, friends, and several industry experts, began developing a plan to set Crooked Handle Brewing Company's future in motion.  


In the spring of 2015 equipment was ordered and construction began on the 3,600sf space inside the Marketplace at Settlers Walk shopping center. Crooked Handle Brewing Company opened it's doors on December 25, 2015 as Springboro's first craft brewery!

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