Bad Tom Smith Brewing

City and State: 
Cincinnati, OH


We all have a story. Bad Tom Smith Brewing starts with an outlaw, a distant relative, and simply ends with the passion we have in wanting to bring you a Bad Ass taste in every Glass of our beers… When trying to define craft beer, each beer lover has a unique interpretation and story of discovery to share. To make a true craft beer definition even more difficult, each individual beer brand is one of a kind. Our craft beers are who we are, lets you know where we’re from, and gives us a chance to hang with you.

In 2015 there have been many other changes with the brewery, with many bigger changes still coming in 2016 and beyond.  The brewery has pulled back and started to refocus itself.  With a new head brewer, new equipment to focus on quality and consistency and new owners to manage the growth and brand experience from the ground up, the Bad Tom of the past is being turned into a Bad Tom Smith that Cincinnati is ready to rally behind for the future.

We launched a grand re-opening of the taproom experience in late August 2015, which marked the start of the new era of what Bad Tom Smith Brewing will hopefully become. Changes include a new tap bar w/ new bar stools, 10 standing round tables, new lighting, a new 60-inch TV, new merchandising and he same old record player for spinning vinyls. The taproom, 4720 Eastern Ave., has space for about 75 – 80 people.

At the end of the day, we want the focus to be on our beers and a simple, nice atmosphere to get away and enjoy time relaxing with friends and beer.

Part of Bad Tom Smith’s (The Man) story that people don’t often talk about, is that at the end of his life, he turned his life over to God. He wanted to repent for the sins of his life, and thus end his life with a story of redemption. In this sense, the brewery is much like the man as we continue to take steps to redeem ourselves in the Cincinnati craft beer market place… one #BadAssInAGlass at a time.

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